Canterbury Business College

Services & Facilities

Canterbury Business College campus is modern and well-equipped. It has a wide range of facilities which include lecture rooms, specialised training rooms, library, computer laboratories with internet and e-mail facilities, students’ common room with dining facilities, centralised air-conditioning, microwave and refrigerator, etc.

Canterbury Business College offers a range of student support services in both academic and personal areas. These services are available free of charge to all enrolled students and include:

  • International students orientation (overseas student health cover, ID cards, cultural adjustment, bank and financial institution services awareness, student visa conditions and requirements, library, how to access student support services);
  • Assistance with finding accommodation and awareness of accommodation options;
  • Learning support;
  • Assistance with budgeting and financial matters;
  • Personal counselling;
  • Awareness of medical and health services options;
  • Information technology services (how to get computer access and set up your account).

International students can access a Pre-Arrival Pack. Please Contact Us for more information

Download CBC Student Policies and Procedures here

Please note that students are expected to read the Policies and Procedures prior to enrolment