Canterbury Business College

Canterbury Business College Provider code 01899K

Where are we?

CBC's head office is located in Surry Hills, a few minutes walk from Central station and within comfortable walking distance of the city’s main transport, education, sports, government and tourist facilities.

Our Team

CBC has a team of trainers that all have live and relevant experience in the fields they teach. The trainers must all have worked in industry in the past 2 - 3 years and must maintain their industry experience. This way all students have access to latest industry know-how and can learn the current industry standards. We always strive for the highest quality and deliver courses that are not only informative but engaging and supportive.

Our Quality Endorsement

We welcome students from all over the world, providing multilingual assistance in all aspects of their life in Sydney.

Canterbury Business College is a ‘Registered Training Organisation’ (RTO) that operates wholly within the VET Quality Framework. CBC is also a registered CRICOS Provider 01899K that provides many more courses for international students. Students can study Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas in order to continue to degrees under the Australian Quality Framework.

Operating under the VET Quality Framework, CBC offers AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) qualifications or statements of attainment that can be used throughout Australia for further studies and/or a recognised credential throughout Australia.

CBC will:

  • ensure that the students are trained in the most effective and professional manner in their chosen career paths.
  • provide lectures and resources appropriate for required training.
  • help good students reach university entry-level as a result of their college study.
The main objectives of the college are that each student is:

  • Proficient in the skills required for the entry in their chosen career, mindful of business practices.
  • Aware of their part in the functioning of their employers business.
  • Experienced in their social skills and work habits that are essential for personal and professional success

Third Party Arrangement

CBC may engage Third Party Services in delivering training and assessment. For further information please refer to Training & Assessment Strategies under Courses.